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Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Performance Review

Jordan Why Not Zer0 is always my favorite shoes.  After playing basketball games about 2 hours, riding about half an hour and walking about 1 hour, here I want to share some performance reviews with you.

The feedback of big air cushion of Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 on forefoot sole is not so good as Jordan Why Not Zer0.2. We have deconstrued Jordan Why Not Zer0.3. You can see the shape of the big air cushion.

It’s not better than Jordan Why Not Zer0.2, maybe due to the groove. If it doesn’t have the groove on the sole, the feedback maybe better.

It’s also not better than Kyrie 5, as the air cushion of Kyrie 5 is close to shoe-pad, so the feedback will be more obviously.

But the actual cushion performance should be the same level when playing basketball.

We found that the foam of rear sole has punching holes, in theory, the rear sole will be easy to deform and be softer.

The weight of Why Not Zer0.3 is not heavy, and the air permeability is better than Why Not Zer0.2 and Why Not Zer0.2 SE.

The traction performance of Why Not Zer0.3 is much better than Why Not Zer0.2. I can’t evaluate the abrasive resistance now.

Why Not Zer0.3 has the same plastic plate on the arch as Why Not Zer0.2. The anti-rollover performance is great. It’s said that the tenacity is better than Why Not Zer0.2 and it won’t break, it needs times to test it.

The anti-torsion performance of Why Not Zer0.3 is improved.

I thought that the upturning sawtooth design is to improve the anti-torsion performance. But after testing, it’s not so useful

The height and hardness of the upturning sawtooth design are the same as Why Not Zer0.2

The shoe-pad is on the red line, not the blue line. The upturning area and height are almost the same.

Below is the improvement of Why Not Zer0.3:

So the Velcro design is useful.

If using this anti-torsion design of Ambassador 9 on Why Not Zer0.3, it will be great.

As my instep is high, the Velcro design of Kyrie 6 is unsuitable for me. The Velcro of Why Not Zer0.3 is close to forefoot, it’s similar to PG1. So if your instep is high, it’s better to have a try on physical store.

The design of shoe tree is suitable for most of foot types.

The inner length is a little longer about 2mm than Why Not Zer0.2. It’s not big difference.

Overall, I think that Why Not Zer0.3 is the enhanced edition of Kyrie 5. It’s lighter, the air permeability and anti-rollover performance is better.


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