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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

As per the official said, Kyrie 6’s center of gravity is reduced comparing with Kyrie 5. After comparing, Kyrie 6’s center of gravity is indeed reduced obviously.

The forefoot sole can be affixed to the ground, although it’s still arc-shaped outsole, but it’s not so extreme as Kyrie 5.

The shoe head of Kyrie 6 is not so tilted as Kyrie 5. It can improve the stability of insole.

Kyrie 6 reduces the center of gravity and reduce the radian. This kind of design will improve the performance of Zoom Turbo.

It seems that the ZOOM Turbo of Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6 is almost the same. But if you look it under accent light, you fill find that the layering of Kyrie 6’s Turbo fiber is clearer.

The groove is deepened. With the improvement of workmanship, it optimizes the distribution of air.

The actual feedback of Kyrie 6’s forefoot Turbo air cushion is more obvious than Kyrie 5. It’s elastic and more comfortable than Kyrie 5. The cushion performance of ZOOM Turbo is good.

I thought the improvement of cushion performance is due to the upgrade of air cushion. But after taking off the shoe-pad, we find that the thickness of Kyrie 6’s shoe-pad is thinner than Kyrie 5’s.

And due to the thin shoe-pad, we can feel the feedback of insole technology directly.

It’s the same as the Adidas basketball shoes with full-length Boost, the thickness of shoe-pad is thin.

The feedback of forefoot insole brings us big surprise. I like this design.

For the rear sole, the Phylon insole is improved and not so stiff. It’s similar as the Phylon on the rear sole of PG3 which is a little soft and not elastic.

The cushion performance of Kyrie 6’s rear sole is similar to Kyrie 5. It’s not good.

If you like good cushion performance of rear sole, it’s better not to choose Kyrie 6. The Velcro design can improve the strength of insole.

The outsole is upturning design. And the buckling point is on the reasonable position. So even it doesn’t have supporting plate in the insole, the strength of Kyrie 6 is good.

Of course, if you think that the TPU supporting plate is necessary, it’s also reasonable.

The Velcro has good supporting performance to arch, and it can also make the shoe fit better and lock the foot well.

The degree of adaptability of the vamp and Velcro is not good. When the vamp deforms, the Velcro is still on the same position.

The ductility of Velcro is not good. The ductility of Dionaea muscipula is much better.

But due to the Velcro, the flat vamp of Kyrie 6 fit the foot very well.

Although the design of Dionaea muscipula is good, but the shoe head of Kyrie 5 is still a little empty.

For the fit of Kyrie 6’s forefoot, it doesn’t have big disadvantage.

Actually, the design prototype of Kyrie 6 is Air Yeezy 2.

Let’s have a look at the design of Kyrie 5 and Kyrie 6’s shoe heel.

Kyrie 5 makes the suitable groove for playing basketball. But Kyrie 6 don’t have such design.

The shoe heel of Kyrie 6 can’t fit the foot very well. The forefoot is tight, but the shoe heel is a little loose.

And the strength of shoe heel is bad. If pressing it, it will cause obvious deformation.

As the shoe heel is a little soft, so the height of upper doesn’t have the advantage.

The traction performance of Kyrie 6 is great. The outsole has upturning grain on the inner side. So if you like to turn, it will offer great traction performance to you.

Although the outsole is XDR, but the abrasive resistance is still not good. The rubber is a little soft.

If you like the colorway, you can consider it, but I need to remind you for the disadvantage of Kyrie 6, that is, the support of shoe heel and abrasive resistance.


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